Lucas Desmurs

I am a 200 RYT hatha and vinyasa flow yoga teacher certified from the Yoga Alliance. I completed my yoga teacher’s training in 2018 at Yoga ist… Berlin. I first got introduced to yoga in 2006 in Rishikesh, India, but I really started to practice regularly in 2015 during my training to run the marathon of Berlin. My body had suffered several minor injuries and I decided to incorporate yoga in my training in order to gain strength and flexibility. 

I quickly noticed improvements on my overall well-being. Not only on the phisical level, but as well on the mental level. I noticed a sense of ease and calmness which was increasing as I kept diving further into my practice of meditation. I then gained more interest in the history and the philosophy of yoga. As I was learning and experiencing the effects of yoga, I really wanted to share the benefits of my practice with others and decided to enroll to a yoga teacher’s training. 

Vinyasa flow yoga

Vinysa flow yoga is a style of hatha yoga in which one is moving from one posture (asana) to another following the rhythm of the breath. The aim of the practice is to prepare the body and the mind for meditation. The body gains strength and flexibility in order to be able to sit comfortably during the meditation. The practice of the asanas requires a high level of concentration and a constant awareness of the breath which are fondamental elements of meditation. 

The practice can be quite physically challenging. You can expect to sweat during your practice, but you should never experience pain or disconfort. It is an exercise of introspection where you carefully learn and observe the limits of your body. The mind and the body are connected, therefore as you gain knowledge about your physical abilities and develop them, you equally learn about your inner self and slowly become more in-tune with yourself and ultimately with your environment.